Painterly Rugs


New from Stephen Miller Gallery, a stunning collection of painterly rugs, all woven in wool and silk.  The meticulous attention to detail on the part of the artisans, results in large-scale pieces of art for the floor.  From the broad brush strokes of subtle shades of gray seen in ‘Mirage’, to the bold colors of ‘Reflection – Sky’, it is clear that there is a more painterly approach to the art of rug making at work here. 

‘Reflection’ Sky, 8’x10′

In ‘Fire and Ice’ one sees layers of brightly colored paint in the silk rings, over ground colors in shades of blue-gray to beige.  

‘Fire and Ice’ 9’x12′

‘Florence’, 9’x12′

‘Florence’ has the effect of peeling plaster in the garden wall of a villa. 

‘Soho, Multi’, 9’x12′

 ‘Soho –Multi’ incorporates over fifty colors in harmony.

‘Steppe Fall’, 8’x10′

‘Steppe – Fall’ is atmospheric, in its subtle use of shade and shadow. All of these rugs are extremely finely woven, with 150 hand-tied knots per square inch, and incorporate only the best materials available.  They are available in a range of standard sizes as well as custom. 


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