Social Style: Frank Muytjens On Instagram


Having an Instagram has one prerequisite. Be stylish. That’s not a challenge for J. Crew Menswear director, Frank Muytjens, just look at his Instagram.


Though Frank spends most of his days designing and directing in the fashion space, he has a deep appreciation for interiors too. Just another reason to love him, right?! Open up to his account and be prepared to get bombarded with rustic chic done right. Frank features dozens of daydreamy snaps of his home, which is often flooded with natural light and outfitted to perfection in warm tones with comfortable, yet stylish furnishings, and always with a super-chic accent.


Who could look away from his dining room vignette?


And when he’s not kicking back in his woodsy wonderland or signing books in his honor, he’s on-the-go. From the streets of NYC to the breathtaking vistas of Death Valley to Japan, he travels.


What else about Frank Muytjens’ Instagram is worth marveling over? The unconditional love he has for his pooch, Dutch. He makes an appearance every few photos and each one is as charming as the last. We love the shot of Dutch admiring Frank’s closet. A classic.

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