The Bookshelf: “Apartment Therapy – Complete + Happy Home”


Apartment Therapy founder, Maxwell Ryan and the site’s executive editor, Janel Laban have brought us Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home, giving readers “the tools needed to find, make, and maintain a fabulous home.” Much to the success of the famed blog, this book allows for design enthusiasts to bring some practical design elements into their home and lives with visuals and step by step guides. 

Beginning with a house hunter’s guide through styles to consider and practical lists to help the homeowners work through the, at times, stressful process through to moving day. Three in-depth sections, the first called “Setting Up Your Home,” include advice on how to select the final finishes for a room.

The second section, “Living In Your Home,” is where readers will find inspiration from stunning photos of real homes across the US. From a “Moroccan game den” in Los Angeles to a “stargazer’s lounge” in Austin to a “farmhouse-in-a-skyscraper” dining room in Brooklyn, each home is different, personal, and packed with ideas to share.

Finally, in the “Maintaining Your Home” section, readers will be reminded on the best practices to clean, organize and repair just about anything with a “Healthy And Happy Home Calendar” making it all that much easier. 

The Complete + Happy Home book tour has begun as Maxwell Ryan is stopping in Boston, Philly, DC, High Point, Athens, Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Marfa, Tucson, Palm Springs, San Diego, and Los Angles. They will be doing home makeovers supported by Wayfair, visiting readers for some real “therapy,” and throwing parties all along the way. Follow along and get your copy today. #MakeoverAmerica

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