Tech Talk: Homeselfe App Enables American Families To Save Big On Energy Bills


Leading the industry, Homeselfe is an innovative do-it-yourself energy evaluation tool with guidance on a clear path to a more energy efficient home. With built in money saving tips, energy rebate information, and access to local contractors, this smartphone app is an intelligent addition to every home. 

“President Obama has recently called on American’s to be conscious of their energy consumption and to look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Our team has worked tirelessly on creating an industry-changing technology that does just that. More than 140 power companies currently use our technology that supports over 9 million customers in the U.S.,” said Sukant Jain, co-founder and CEO of Energy Datametrics, creator of Homeselfe. “To fulfill a larger need, we created Homeselfe as a tool to help homeowners across the nation as they face rising energy costs and become more aware of their environmental impact. Our technology has proven to help reduce energy use, household energy cost and environmental impact and we are thrilled to finally launch it to families across America.”

For more information and to download Homeselfe, visit their website here

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