Katie Raffetto Decorates A Fall Pasta-Making Party


My husband gave me a homemade pasta cookbook last year and we have been happily working our way through it by hosting “Pasta Sundays” at our house. We select a recipe and invite friends over to help with the kneading, rolling, stuffing, pinching, and cutting. Many hands make light work and the promise of wine and a delicious meal sweetens the deal. 

This fall I am looking forward to pairing some of the rich dishes of the season with simple table settings, mixed with both natural and antique elements. This mixture of materials and textures is the same way that I approach designing an interior, it’s the layering and juxtaposition that make all the difference. 

Photo Credit: Eric Wolfinger

Flour + Water: Pasta Cookbook

This is a wonderful pasta making primer from one of my favorite Italian restaurants in San Francisco, Flour + Water


Imperia Pasta Machine

The workhorse of most pasta parties is my hand cranked Imperia pasta machine, the Italian standard. 


Photo Credit: MARCH

Crystal Glasses + Oaxacan Bottle Holder

When guest arrive, I like to have sparkling water, wine, and a cheese board ready. The pasta making process can take a couple hours, so I always make sure there are drinks on hand along with something for everyone to nibble on. Simple glassware keeps a casual feel and can be used for wine or water. The glasses from MARCH are beautiful in their simplicity and delicate enough for wine. I love how they pair with the Oaxacan bottle holder, also from MARCH.

Cheese Board by Tina Frey

Tina Frey’s work in resin strikes the right balance for me. It is beautifully hand made in a unique and durable material. Her cheese board and spreader look and feel great.


Barre Pitcher by Simon Pearce

I keep the Barre pitcher from Simon Pearce full of sparkling water on the table for guest to help themselves. 

Photo Credit: Thayer Allyson Gowdy, Project Manager: Event Space Consulting

Astier de Villatte Pasta Plate

The autumn hues of fall cooking look great in simple white dishes. I love the rustic elegance of Astier de Villatte and their Grand Chalet Pasta Plate from Sue Fisher King.  


Vintage Flatware

Photo Credit: James Ransom

A set of vintage silver flatware adds a lovely antique layer to your table in any season. You can set a beautifully eclectic table with these mismatched sets from Food52.

Photo Credit: Thayer Allyson Gowdy, Project Manager: Event Space Consulting, Florals by Natalie Bowen Designs


Florals by Natalie Bowen Designs

I love using olive branches throughout the fall and winter. They look fantastic in both small and large scale. Laying olive sprigs down the center of the table with candles can translate from afternoon into the evening. Natalie Bowen Designs illustrate this beautifully for this fall party at McEvoy Ranch.

Photo Credit: MARCH

Michale Verheyden Lighthouse Marble Candlesticks 

The Michale Verheyden candlesticks with tall tapered candles anchor the olive sprigs without blocking the view of your guest across the table. 

Linen Chambray Garcon Apron

Making pasta can get flour everywhere, so a simple apron is always hand. One of my favorites is this long café style apron from Bon Boutique in Tucson, a wonderfully curated shop with handmade and vintage items.

Pumpkin Torelloni with Sage and Pumpkin Seeds

Photo Credit: Eric Wolfinger

My favorite recipe for a fall pasta making party is Pumpkin Tortelloni with Sage & Pumpkin Seeds. A dish rich in fall colors and flavors with a delicious little crunch from the pumpkin seeds.  

For more inspiration, see Katie’s Pasta Sunday Pinterest board.

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