Social Style: Zak Profera (and Fox) On Instagram


What do you get when you take a tale of a boy and his dog, toss in mind-blowing textiles, a whole lot of design, world travel, and Instagram? You get ZAK + FOX or to be a bit more clear, Zak Profera and his fox, Shinji.


Zak, who’s clearly the creative director and founder of ZAK+FOX, keeps an Instagram account that is not only worth following and liking, but obsessively stalking thanks to his eye for style and what makes his followers smile. You can learn a bit about Zak as you scroll.

Let’s get one thing straight…Shinji comes first. The adorable pooch accompanies Zak as he travels the world and you can’t help but fall for his face, even if you’re not a dog-lover you can’t deny his furry charm. From lazy to feisty moments, Shinji is clearly a star in his own right. The company is partly inspired by and named after him, after all.

If you can pull yourself away from Shinji, you’ll catch a glimpse into Zak’s world. He’s an avid reader and loves to share his current reads in the most stylish of ways. He spent Memorial Day in NYC and captured it by taking a photo of a photo, which we always love. And he takes you into his studio from time-to-time. Those textiles, oh those textiles.

Whether you’re hip to Zak’s talents or just discovering the wonderment that he makes, you’ll marvel at how his designs look in real life or #irl in “Instagram speak.” When his designs are covering walls, they’re magnificent. If they’re the focal point of a living space design, they’re captivating beyond words. Just see for yourself.

Take a peek at his inspiration sessions too. Even those are glorious. And his latest photoshoot will have you gabbing for days. A beautiful barn shoot, flooding with warm, natural light, and llamas showing off Zak’s newest collection.


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