Social Style: Consort Design On Instagram


Any designer who spends his days lunching with blogger Chiara Ferragni, designing for Jessica Alba, taking selfies with Martha Stewart hosting rooftop pool meetings in DTLA, and waxing poetic on how Friday rhymes with champagne is a designer you want to follow. Enter Consort Design on Instagram.

The design duo, Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, are a pair of bi-coastal masterminds with lustworthy projects all around LA, NYC, and Telluride. And while we can’t get enough of their work in real life, we also love scrolling through their IG account to soak in their day-to-day and getting a feel for why they’re just so cool.

The thing about this account that’s hard not to love is all of the color. But that’s how Mat and Brandon design, in color. Marvel over their blush and gold sneak peeks or monochromatic corner moments. It’s hard not to. Their Instagram even give a glimpse into color selection, which includes a candid snap of Mat sporting blue slippers.

They’re announcing big news, a brick and mortar on Melrose, and sharing where they take their meeting, -on rooftops with enchanting views of the LA skyline as well as giving us a idea of what’s it’s like to have celebs as clients.

Lunch with “The Blonde Salad” in her oh so LA backyard that they designed? No big deal. Gala selfies with “queen Martha”? That happens too.


And in between all of this design magic, including a bedroom set-up that we’re currently wanting to recreate in our own space are tongue-in-cheek messages and coffee tabletops that are what Instagram dreams are made of.

Consort design’s ultra-hip style and modern West Coast-ish approach reminds us that a life lived in color is the life we want to live. So start following and start living or pretending to live through them.

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