The Bookshelf: “Home” By Ellen DeGeneres


Being funny and having an Emmy-award winning talk show will get you far, but when you cross over into the world of design you’re operating on a whole other level. And that’s just what America’s sweetheart, Ellen DeGeneres is doing with the launch of her latest book, Home.

The page-turner highlights not only Ellen’s home in photos, but touches on her real estate adventures and all of the homes she’s purchased and renovated over the last 25 years (nearly a dozen). Since her younger years, Ellen has expressed an appreciation, not to mention a genuine love for rich, beautiful interiors. She says so herself saying that she wanted to be a designer at the age of 13.

From cover-to-cover the book is exquisite, even in quality as its bound in a real cloth covered case.


If you ever wanted to know more about Ellen than the Hollywood success she’s had, this is a fine way to do it. The book takes you into her current home, where her Picasso lives, and into her past homes, including the “Brody House.” You’ll take a tour through each room, marveling at the style she chooses and learning why. Along with her own properties, Ellen shares the homes of her friends and collaborators that she loves most, each sharing advice and offering up tons of inspiration to help you transform your own space.

Think rustic, think luxe, think livable, think unique art, think California architecture at its very best. It’s all between these pages. Ellen DeGeneres has no problem making you laugh and now she’s ready to help you create the home of your dreams the same way she has, with good taste and a respect for what’s authentically you. Ellen never disappoints, does she? Snag your own copy HERE

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