15 Minutes With…Alexandra von Furstenberg

No stranger to the world of fashion, Alexandra von Furstenberg is rapidly becoming an icon in design. Known for her bright, sleek acrylic furniture and accessories, she has made her mark and is here to stay.
Which interior designer or furniture maker inspired you to launch AVF Home?
Pierre Cardin and Charles Hollis Jones certainly influenced and inspired me. I love their innovation and how their modernity has remained timeless.
How did your time as Creative Director at DVF shape your success with AVF?
Being able to work with a successful businesswoman like Diane taught me some very valuable lessons. Two of the most important, being able to trust my instincts and to never compromise a brand’s image.
How does fashion inspire your home collections?
In fashion, there are always trends in color and patterns and mood. I believe that they way we dress ourselves is a strong indication of the way we dress our
What’s next for AVF Home?
We are expanding our home accessory collection by bringing in new items that, like the rest of the collection, are functional pieces of art. A centerpiece vase that doubles as a bookend, an exquisitely luxurious large bowl, a glam orous ice bucket, and even a little something for storing your rings and jewels.

The AVF Infinity Bowl launching Fall 2015

Do you plan to work with any materials other than acrylic?
Yes, that will eventually happen in the future. I love the idea of bringing in metals or woods.
In your opinion, which fashion designer had or has the best interior design aesthetic?
I really can’t pick just one, but some of my favorites are Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, and Yves Saint Laurent. They’ve all defined a style and become so iconic that their names have become adjectives.
Your favorite place to travel to in CA?
I love Ojai, Palm Springs and Muir Woods, and just about anywhere on a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway.
What album or musician are you coveting right now?
My Pandora is currently set to Hall & Oates, Chet Faker, and any playlist from Hôtel Costes.

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