Social Style: Ashlina Kaposta on Instagram


To a lot of people, design and glamour seem to run in the same circle. If you take just one look at designer Ashlina Kaposta’s Instagram, you’ll think the exact same thing. She’s got the kind of account that makes you want to do more than follow her moves and moments, but say things like, “I wish I had her life.”


The Texas-based designer has a knack for transforming the mediocre to magical. Start scrolling through her feed and catch wind of how she makes flea marketing shopping sparkle and shine. Even Ashlina’s snaps of designer dinners make you want to quit your day job and just hang with her.


Because who wouldn’t want their day to include blush roses and rose? Or hang with fellow designers like Greg Natale?


This designer is more than a pretty face too–although she takes winning selfies–she’s designed spaces like this bachelor pad that’ll quickly set your world on fire and she’s always up to craft an anything-but-boring “girl boss” space.


As for inspiration, Ashlina is always happy to share. Closets with gold ceilings seem to rock her world.


And when she’s not making spaces more fabulous she’s traveling. Where? The Amalfi Coast, naturally. And the best part is she takes you on the journey with her from passport to Positano, you’re there.

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