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Aerin Lauder needs a place in everyone’s life. And if you haven’t already invited her into your world by way of textured box, perfume or pretty object, then follow her on Instagram and give her a permanent spot in your life, since Instagram is life these days.


Aerin seems to make the world a pretty place with special touches and hashtags like #floralfriday where she share some of the prettiest blooms you’ll see all week. And keep in mind they don’t have to be fresh flowers, they can be the stand out print that’s on her latest frock.


Beyond that, this lady gives you glimpse into her–almost magical and sweet smelling–day-to-day. From the lavish tablescapes she creates for posh dinners to must-have NYC pretzels to the shoes she’s wearing–some of which coordinate with the surround accents oh, so well–to several snaps inside of one of her favorite places, her NYC offices. Aerin is candid and as charming as her creations. So is her Cavalier Spaniel, who makes appearances here and there.



Travel with her back in time because she appreciates a good #tbt or go full steam ahead on sun-drenched vacations along the coast of Italy. Her life is the good life, no doubt about it and you’ll want to make it a part of yours.



The Estee-heir shoes her working girl side too, chatting up fans at special appearances and styling the most pleasant vignettes. Her appreciation for design is shown throughout the feed, so you might even get a little inspiration.


Give her a follow. Make your life a little more gorgeous. Aerin puts her iconic heart stamp on pretty much everything she does, so give her a few hearts back.


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