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Imagine being able to heat or cool every room in your house to a different temperature – totally based on personal preference. Maybe you run hot when you sleep but the other members in your household don’t, why not each be able to pick your room ideal temp? Well, with Flair you can.

Flair is a new startup reimagining home climate control. Instead of one temperature ruling your entire home, Flair’s wireless Puck sensors connect with thermostats to monitor individual room conditions, learn occupant preferences and adjust temperatures through the Smart Vent, which intelligently directs air flow throughout the home. Flair can even change the temperature based on who is (or isn’t) in the room!

The best part? It can save you serious cash. Since the Puck and Smart Vent work together to proactively manage your home climate, it can reduce heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 30 percent!

Designed beautifully with simplicity in mind, Flair’s Puck comes in white or black and matches any aesthetic. The Puck isn’t a one trick pony either, it can connect to and control other smart devices in your home including smart lights, fans, TVs and stereos – no need to even whip out your phone!

Both Flair’s wireless Puck sensor ($60) and Smart Vent ($40) are available for pre-sale on flair.co. The items are slated to ship this spring.


-This piece is by Michelle Suckonick, a technology expert from the ASTRSK team based in San Francisco and New York

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