Stuck On You: Lionel Richie’s Home Decor Line


They say everything old is new again. We’ll accept that notion. Because when we heard about Lionel Richie’s home decor line, Lionel Richie Home,  it was like getting a call from an old friend and rekindling that relationship all over again. We’re so jazzed about this collection of barware, dinnerware and entertaining accessories that we could talk about it “All Night Long.” Yes.


It was only natural that the iconic singer would progress from packed venues to plate settings. And clearly he knows decor as well as he knows music. So where did all of this come from? Years of staying in hotels made an expert of Richie. He developed a clear understanding of what makes for great entertaining pieces not only from that, however, but out of his own love of hosting guests and finding joy in luxury.


Besides stunning pieces like the sleek mirrored Sorento Serving Tray, the stylish Bianca Vase that’s trimmed in copper and the jewel-toned picture frames,  Richie is also rolling out with a decadent collection of candles inspired by his love songs.


The collection officially launches in April, but the anticipation for these opulent home additions is growing. In the words of Mr.Richie himself, “I call it love.”

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