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Until recently, to chow down on sous vide cooking food nerds had to flock to high-end restaurants to sink their teeth into an immersion-circulator cooked steak. The fancy cooking method of placing vacuum-sealed foods into low temperature-controlled water baths takes an extensive amount of time (often longer than 24 hours) and was reserved for expensive, space-consuming equipment.

Now with the WiFi Nomiku kitchen gadget, the first WiFi-connected sous vide device, even amateur home cooks can impress any gastrophile with sous vide dishes, controlling the device remotely with the added WiFi capabilities. By cooking meats, fish and veggies at lower temperatures, WiFi Nomiku prevents the cell walls of food from breaking, resulting in nutrient-retaining, easy delicious dishes.

The wand-like gadget has an incredibly simple, intuitive interface. It can be placed right in a pot of water (there’s a clip to hold it in place) and set with the right temperature and time which it can hold for hours. WiFi Nomiku also has a special companion app called Tender (not to be confused with the other special companion app Tinder) that sends top chefs’ recipes directly to your device which can be saved and shared.

Compared to the other handheld immersion circulators on the market, WiFi Nomiku claims its circulator’s ceramic heating element lasts longer than competitors. It’s also the only sous wide device to partner with a market offering seasoned sous vide-ready meat able to be delivered right to your door. Currently, delivery is exclusive to San Francisco residents with orders needing to be placed 48 hours in advance.

WiFi Nomiku is available for preorder for $199, with devices shipping soon. If waiting a few weeks isn’t an option, the Classic Nomiku is available for purchase now at the same $199 price point. Classic Nomiku has all the bells of whistles of WiFi Nomiku minus the builtin WiFi compatibility.

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