Party Time: The Novogratz Throw A Party And Share Tips For Hosting Your Own


It’s awards season and the stars of music, television and film are celebrating at full tilt. Take a page from them and host your own event.  Robert and Cortney Novogratz recently opened their new Los Angeles home — a 1920s era castle in the Hollywood Hills — with a house warming.  With the help of some photos from their Instagram and a few of their best tips, they share their secrets for hosting a memorable event.

Check to make sure that your house numbers are visible and well lit so new friends know they’re at the right place. You can mark the site of the party palace with special decorations like flowers or balloons.

Flowers and candles greeting your guests are always a great way to kick off a party and set a festive mood. Taking the time to put out flowers and hang party lights makes a night feel special. Sometimes setting up is just as much fun as the party itself. Express your creativity in the way you decorate. The Novogratz love Japanese magnolias. “They make a big statement!”

With every new home they purchase, Robert and Courtney like to get a new piece of art. This “Hollywood” piece, found in Palm Springs, is a showstopper. Mirrors not only make a room look bigger, they let guests check to make sure their look is perfect.  

Music is a party must-have. For the castle party, the Novogratz decided to do a mixture of recorded music, spun by DJ Halle Grano, and live music, provided by their son Breaker’s band. “A lot of people don’t think they can do live music at their parties”, Courtney counsels, “but the reality is you probably know someone who’s a great musician. Robert and I used to pull trumpet players off the subway in New York for our parties.” If live music or a DJ isn’t possible, at the very least take the time to make a great playlist using an app like Spotify. Party essential: danceable tracks

Food always makes people happy. The Novogratz are a big fan of food trucks, which can pull up to your front door or set up in your backyard.   “We love that almost every food truck has had the nicest, coolest people — some even let our little boys go on the truck and cook with them!” You can find food trucks serving everything from tacos to fried chicken to grilled cheese.  Party essential #2: burgers!

“We had close to 350 people at this party,” Courtney shares.  That adds up to a lot of drink so among other provisions, the Novogratz got a keg. “Whether you get bartenders or do self-serve stations, make sure you have variety and enough bars so the line isn’t too long.” A specialty drink is fun. Make sure to provide festive options for your guests who don’t drink alcohol. 

“I was raised in Georgia and I was taught never to go to someone’s house without something.” If you’re throwing a house-warming or a birthday party where guest might bring gifts, be prepared. “One tip I’ve learned through the years is to keep vases nearby so that if someone brings a beautiful bouquet, you can quickly unwrap it and put it in water. Taking that time shows how much you appreciate the thought.” 

To take a party from good to great, it’s important to play the role of host by taking the time to introduce people. “Robert and I love hosting parties,” Courtney shares, “It’s a great way to see friends and introduce different circles to each other. Make sure you make proper introductions – you never know if your girlfriend is looking for a chef, an artist, or a photographer. Give a little background about each person so they’ve got something to talk about, and you can gracefully walk away and go to the next conversation. Through the years we’ve had a lot of people fall in love and get married who met at our parties. Remember, your guests aren’t just there for you – they’re there to enjoy themselves.”

Robert and Cortney and their seven kids live in Los Angeles, CA and recently finished renovating their newest home, a castle in the Hollywood Hills. They currently have product lines withWalmart, The Shade Store, CB2 and Bed, Bath and Beyond; and are authors of HOME by Novogratz and Downtown Chic: Designing Your Dream Home. They are currently working on a new series and book. Follow them on Instagram @thenovogratz to find out more.



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