Animal Planet’s “Insane Pools: Off the Deep End” Will Leave You Craving Your Own Backyard Oasis


Design experts field a lot of intense requests, but only a select few are tasked with the challenge of creating a jungle oasis in the heart of suburbia or ensuring a client’s lavish pool is “fit for a mermaid.” Award-winning design pro Lucas Congdon, however, is up for these challenges and many more in the second seaseon of Animal Planet’s Insane Pools: Off the Deep End

Congdon and his team at Lucas Lagoons have a history of creating some of the most out-of-the-box designs imaginable for backyards across Florida, but this season the crew hit the road and head to Huntsville, Alabama to tackle some seriously special projects. From the largest grotto enclosed spa to the widest waterfall of his career, Congden transforms his clients’ dreams into reality and goes the extra mile every time to ensure their fantasies come to life. 

But granting his clients’ wishes is no easy feat and the Lucas Lagoons team hits plenty of bumps in the road along the way. From budget constraints to inclimate weather, the colorful cast of creative geniuses must band together to make sure they deliver one-of-a-kind water wonderlands for their starry-eyed clients.

Insane Pools: Off the Deep End returns for a second season Friday, February 26, at 9 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet.

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