Social Style: Kate Arends on Instagram


What happens when you have great style, great ideas, a new place, a knowledge of design and an adorable dog? You share it on Instagram the same way Kate Arends of Wit & Delight has done.

Kate knows how to get you engaged. She starts with a uniform palette of muted tones that make her her Instagram account. The first pic that might catch your eye? Her newly designed bedroom where she mixes crisp white with greys and tons of texture and patterns. And just like that you’re a fan.


She follows up with several design projects and even a little insight to her process. Pattern play for the bathroom? Sure, why not?


Then, met Kate’s pooch, Winnie, who’s an absolute winner when it comes to posing for pics.


Need packing advice? Kate’s a professional in that arena too and makes it look effortlessly cool.


From the beaches of Miami to the streets of Stockholm, you’ll get the jet set vibe and perhaps find yourself a little bit inspired to take a trip.


And if not that then maybe Kate’s feed will inspire you to fill your space with pretty things like warm daffodils and perfect place settings.


Perhaps wild wallpaper selfies or better yet, a workout.


When your world is this beautiful, it’s worth sharing. Don’t you think? Double tap your way to a brighter afternoon and give Wit & Delight a follow. We promise there’s a ton of both wit and delight to be had.  


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