It’s Bananas: The Rachel Zoe + Laurel & Wolf Pop-Up


They say that every once in awhile something great and truly unforgettable comes along. Well, it’s here — in LA, at the Grove. It’s the Rachel Zoe Pop-up designed by celebrated Los Angeles based firm, Laurel & Wolf.

From February 24th thru March 31, the mid-century space will dazzle designer enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike when a glamorous take on mid-century to fill up the space.

Laurel & Wolf, the online interior design platform, is known for their sharp ability to design custom spaces that speak to what the client wants and who they are. In this case, when designing Rachel’s first-ever pop-up shop, the Laurel & Wolf team heard Ms. Zoe loud and clear as she waxed poetic about the interior reflecting her latest collection – an undoubtedly chic combination of texture, winter white and ivory flecked by illustrious gold detail.

Ask and you shall receive? Most definitely, Rachel’s love and adoration of neutral hues comes through in a real way as soon as you enter the space. With warm wood flooring and high ceilings the space stays warm and inviting. It’s exactly what you want when you’re shopping for vintage-inspired maxi, sexy jumpsuits and mini dresses and LA closet staples like  the wear-with-everything blazer.

Faux mink chairs are there making nice with homey accents like plush pillows and coffee table books. Rachel says with a smile that she had a clear vision of the space from the beginning.


“It needed to represent me as a designer as well as the collection itself. I wanted the space to be inviting for our customers.” And it is – it really is. Perfectly place objects show off gorgeous accessories, while cool photographic art is hung high and inspires as you shop.

According to Rachel, “fashion, like interior design, is a way to say who you are without speaking. You dress and decorate according to how you feel and what’s important to you – it’s a reflection of your personality.”

It goes without saying that the overall experience of the Rachel Zoe Pop-Up is, “bananas.” It’s a mix of inspiration and personalization, where the design exudes Rachel’s essence and the shopping experience is tailored to who you are.

We’re in agreement with Rachel when she says, “it’s a dream come true.”

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