#TechTalk: Lux3 Wellness Lamp


Just launched on Kickstarter, Lux3 is a handmade wooden lamp that uses color therapy to improve users’ health. Inspired by his naturopathic partner, Lux3 was created by Gerardo Abriola in an effort to prove that designer objects could be functional and improve people’s lives.

Handcrafted in Italy, the lamp is a perfect cube with layers of Okumè wood panels and contains a waterproof RGB (Red, Green and Blue) LED that can transfix into a variety of different shades through a hidden circuit operated by the Lux3 companion app.

Utilizing the metaphysical properties of color, Lux3’s intent is to channel color through water exposed to specific vibrations that result in health and harmony. Chromotherapy, the science of using colors to effect our personal health, has been lauded by holistic healers for centuries. Every color is perceived to hold a certain amount of healing energy that invokes a different mindset, and with Lux3, you can choose the specific color from which you aim to benefit.

Lux3’s app controls the color settings and is compatible with iOS and Android. After selecting which color the user wishes, they should place a glass of water into the cube to get the process started. A press release for Lux3 notes that after an hour of exposed chromotherapy, “the water memorizes the specific quality of the chosen color, or colors, [and infuses] it with the corresponding benefit.” Not only does the Lux3 app let users pick colors, it also gives them insight into the specific advantages and properties for each color.

It’s recommended that to relax or prepare for bed, choose the blue light. To spark creativity, go with orange. For general well-being you can even choose to use all the colors, to literally taste the rainbow.

Lux3 is currently live on Kickstarter and can be preordered for $213. Units are expected to ship in September, 2016.

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