Join The Club: Revolve X Consort


It could be said that fashion revolves around Revolve right now. The LA-based e-commerce retailer known for their trendsetting (never following) website, the coveted designs they carry, their massive social media following and their jet-setting vibes, has recently opened the doors of a new space, aptly dubbed “Revolve Social Club.” And it’s on our radar thanks to the duo behind the design, Consort Design.


The 3,500 square foot locale stands proud along Melrose and amidst the competition, but the Revolve Social Club isn’t a traditional retail space. In fact, it’s not a retail space at all, it’s an experience. It’s a luxe build out designed to for the e-tailers highest spenders, VIPs, social influencers, followers, stylists and a few celebrities to enjoy everything from private shopping with curated selections and mimosas to undoubtedly hip parties.


The Consort Design team, who’s just a stone’s throw from the place, created an aesthetic that it’s authentically “Revolve.” One of the  most talked about features is the rooftop deck, where members get to soak up the SoCal sun while surrounded by delicate greenery and a host of succulents.


Concrete tables and cozy couches make this a hip hangout for friends and a prime location to snap a group selfie. Along with fabulous views of LA (including the hills), Revolve Social Club has a quaint rooftop bar because what’s an experience without craft cocktails?


Back inside and the look is a balanced mix of boho and glam. Kind of like what you see when you shop the site. Sheepskin rugs share the space with brushed brass accent tables, warm lighting and clean modern lines.


At times Revolve Social Club gives the sense that you’re hanging out in your best buddy’s living room. The is due to couches (covered in Consort pillows) and coffee tables outfitted with objects, books and fresh blooms. The only difference? Beautiful black iron racks housing some of the season’s most-wanted pieces from lines like Love or Lemons or Revolve’s own portfolio brands to name a few.


Chock full of grand design like pink accent walls and industrial details, hexagon tile floors spelling out “Hey,” and selfie-chic bathroom marked by golden marble-inspired wallpaper and orchids, Revolve Social Club is where fashion lovers dream about spending their days — and nights.


As if Revolve weren’t already celebrated for its fashion prowess, now it’s finessing the design scene. Hey Revolve, it’s your world.

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