Stylish Sisters Break In Online Resale Pricing Guide: The Chairish Pink Book


Parting is such sweet sorrow, unless you can fetch a fabulous price for a vintage item or “no longer needed” furniture piece utilizing a remarkably easy to navigate, online resale marketplace. Tastemaking twin sisters, Marlien and Coliena Rentmeester, are doing just that by being the first sellers to take advantage of The Chairish Pink Book, a first-of-its-kind authoritative pricing guide for vintage furniture and décor. The off-chute feature of celebrated resale site, Chairish, allows design lovers to instantly determine a matured item’s worth by typing in description keywords, generating a recommended listing price range based on extensive product history. “It provides price info based on similar sold items,” says Marlien, “So you can be sure you are paying a fair and resonable price.”

The Los Angeles-based Rentmeester twins (Marlien is the beloved fashion blogger behind Le Catch and Coliena is an acclaimed fashion photographer), are both in the midst of refreshing their homes and decided to take advantage of the pricing guide when listing their 45-piece sale on Chairish, which kicks off at 6am PST/9am EST on Wednesday, May 25th. The sisters’ up for grabs collection includes beautiful Chinoiserie accessories, glamorous Hollywood Regency seating and intriquing Indonesian antiques. It’s an expansive spectrum of design styles that stems from the sisters’ Dutch and Indonesian  heritage and upbringing. “Mar and I are first generation American,” Coliena explains,”And growing up, our home reflected our parents’ diverse backgrounds and penchant for travel and antiques.”

The pricing guide is also treading on new territory as far as assisting both buyers and sellers in maximizing their shopping experience. “Until now, vintage lovers have lacked an easy, accurate way to determine the value of a vintage piece,” says Chairish Co-founder and President, Anna Brockway. “The Chairish Pink Book eases the negotiation process and answers, once and for all, the age old question: ‘Am I getting the a fair price?'”

Despite the twins’ enthusiasm for the pricing guide, it’s always difficult to bid adieu sometimes. “The item hardest to part with,” says Coliena, “Is the Serge Mouille inspired light. It’s a classic. I bet I’ll be searching for another one very soon.” Marlien adds: “I have a hunch I might regret giving up the turquoise urns as they are beautiful; so easy to work into any room and forever chic.”

The Rentmeesters might be parting ways with some much loved pieces, but these will all quickly become someone else’s treasures. 

Selected items from the Rentmeesters’ collection

Turquoise Blue Urn (sold in a pair)

Lulu DK Upholstered Chairs With Pillows (sold in a pair)

Vintage Lamps From China Club in Beijing (sold in a pair)

China Seas Lumbar Ikat Pillows (sold in a pair)

Vintage Brass Sconces (sold in a pair)



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