The Collector…Josh Flagg

While many recognize Josh Flagg for his prolific talent in selling Los Angeles real estate, only those close to him are familiar with his proclivity for collecting art and antiques. Having purchased art when he was just a child, Flagg’s eclectic palate has helped to curate a robust collection that is both serious and fun. “I buy what speaks to me, things that I like to look at,” says Flagg. “And there are a handful of blue-chip artists I really appreciate.”

A sketch of Flagg’s father sitting at the Carlton Hotel Bar in Cannes, where he actions every summer

Flagg’s collection is currently housed at his parents’ home, which was designed by Los Angeles-based interior designer Colton Thorn. With a goal of seamlessly mixing bold materials and prints with a variety of styles, Thorn created a well-balanced foundation for showcasing the art. “I wanted it to represent the aesthetic of someone who has travelled the world and collected things that were simply beautiful,” says Thorn, “but no matter how beautiful a space may be, if it doesn’t have a hint of fun in a most unexpected way, it’s not special.” And special is how many would describe their experience with Flagg’s splendid assortment of art, including his first major purchase of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can print as well as work from notable artists, coveted by museums and galleries around the world. “Coveted does not mean ‘most valuable’; however, I do really enjoy my Calders,” says Flagg.

Three Iron Tree cocktail tables by Roche Bobois

Josh Flagg


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