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There’s a frequently quoted joke that “there’s an app for that,” but in regards to streamlining the personal details of styling and furnishing your home, there actually is, in fact, an app for that, Homee. Touted as “the new way to furnish your space,” the furnishing and home design technology company was founded in 2015 by Beatrice Fischel-Bock, Madeline Fraser, Lizzie Grover, Ben Broca, and Ethan Gromet. Fischel-Bock, Fraser and Grover had previously successfully launched an online interior design company called ZOOM Interiors, after which they saw an opportunity to further tap into the home furnishing needs of on-the-go millennials with a mobile shopping app.

“We want Homee to become the new way you furnish your home,” says Madeline Fraser, Co-founder and CMO. “We understand how frustrating and time consuming the furnishing process can be, so we want to be a go-to solution to help consumers fill their space with items that fit their style and budget by putting design expertise at at their fingertips.”

Based on your style preferences and budget, Homee’s chatbot technology, along with its in-house designers, curates and maps out recommended furniture and decor for your desired space, allowing you to purchase the styles you like with the touch of a button. Homee’s roster of in-house designers and experts are carefully selected as well.

“We have very high standards for our team of designers. They all go through a very rigorous training program focused on space planning since they are working with customers without ever setting foot in their home,” says Fraser. “We also prioritize arming them with an incredible amount of knowledge on product so that they are recommending the best items, at the best prices, for every customer’s individual space.”

Created with the “on-the-go” customer in mind, Homee knows full well that whether you’re a first time home owner, or a design aficionado who enjoys mixing elements in your home up frequently, the want for a desirable interior design shopping experience will always be there. 

“With home furnishings, design and decor specifically, there will never be a shortage of new ideas for trends that consumers will want to bring into their own homes based on something they’ve seen elsewhere,” Fraser explains. “There will always be people seeking inspiration and resources to help them improve their living space.”
Homee is manifesting the demand for inspiration and easily accessible resources at the touch of your fingertips. 


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