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Principal Designer Cynthia Spence believes in peace and quiet. For more than a decade, Cynthia Spence Design has completed full-service residential and commercial projects in the greater San Francisco Bay Area with an emphasis on the South Bay. Her most recent project, a condo in Los Gatos, epitomizes her aesthetic: timeless, sophisticated and perpetually providing a calm environment.

Spence prides herself on collaborating with clients in order to reach their full design aesthetic potential, aiming to bring each client’s individuality forward. Since the world, she believes, has become increasingly noisy, her emphasis is often dedicated to elevating spaces in order to increase their ability to provide solace and a welcome retreat. 

Here, Spence shares her California favorites in the realm of furniture and design stops. 

The Maid’s Quarters, Los Gatos

The Maid’s Quarters is my go-to for luxury linens. From custom bedding to cashmere, this Los Gatos boutique’s offerings encourage a sense of quiet and calm. 

Hudson Grace, Palo Alto

When it comes to entertaining, Hudson Grace is a must. Their Palo Alto location offers a curated selection of dinnerware, home decor and accessories. It’s also the perfect place to shop for a gift for a dinner party host or hostess. 

HEWN + HEWNX, San Francisco

Jeff Holt and Peter West of HEWN + HEWNX are my favorite people to work with. Not only is their expertise unparalleled but also the lines they carry are exquisite. Some of my favorite designers include Matthew Fairbank Design, Maya Romanoff, Madeline Stuart and of course Paul Ferrante.  

The Bay Area’s best source for vintage and antiques, the Alameda flea market is a treasure trove for one-of-a-kind furnishings, fixtures and accessories. Be sure to show up early as it can easily be a full-day affair.
Los Angeles: because they have everything and more of it. I love to shop at Pat McGann for global textiles and Harbinger for fabrics and wall coverings from new, lesser known lines.

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