On The Block: Robin Williams’ Bicycle Collection at Paddle8 Expected to Bring Record Prices


The Collector: Robin Williams
Paddle 8, through October 25, 2016 at 1:00PM

In an online sale that honors two of the beloved comedian’s passions– cycling and people with disabilities– Robin Williams’ children are offering this connoisseur’s collection of 87 exceptional bicycles at Paddle 8, ending October 25 at 1:00PM. Bidding is already intense– we’ve staked out four of our favorites, but it’s clear that between the stellar Bay Area provenance and a deep market for high-performance bicycles, records will be broken.

The beneficiaries are the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, and the catalogue’s very personal reminiscence is worth a read; there’s also this moving video tribute by Conan O’Brian.

A limited edition racing bike by the famed Italian maker, Colnago, Lot 36 is a coveted C40 Anniversary Edition in black and gold. So coveted that bids have more than doubled the estimated, and it’s currently at $7,500.00. Colnago, based near Milan, is a pioneer in developing and crafting composite and carbon steel frames and known for ultra-light bikes.

In a sale where italian makers dominate, there’s one other Colnago plus a great selection of superb bikes by maker Dario Pegoretti, including this long-range endurance racer below [Lot 80] that’s currently bid at over $22,000 (with an original estimate of $8-10,000.00). Dubbed “Responsorium” this handcrafted, handpainted stainless steel bicycle is cult object among collectors.

As much a sculpture as a bicycle, Lot 32 is a classic high-end kid’s bike from the ’60s, the Schwinn Pea Picker Krate Stingray Child’s Bike. Estimated to sell for $1-2,000.00, it’s currently at a whopping $7,300.00. The sale also includes two other classic Schwinns, a Chopper Hog Roadster and a unicycle. The catalogue is mute on whether or not Williams rode this on a regular basis, but no doubt he smiled every time he looked at it.

Finally, the Zipp that Williams holds in the image at top, Lot 17 is no kid’s bike. It’s a superb time trial bike and one of the fastest models ever made, so think bicycle history, bicycle connoisseur and beloved comedian all in one object. Currently at $8,000.00 and over estimate.

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