Walk The Walker: Elyse Walker Opens in Newport Beach


No one can deny that experience is everything these days. And no one knows that more than Elyse Walker, who’s just unveiled her second boutique in unapologetically chic Newport Beach.


Perfectly placed at the corner of Via Lido and Central Ave., the boutique sits behind a Mid Century facade of vintage white plaster and stone walls–once a bank. Attached are oversized double doors lead the way to a 12,000 square foot fashion adventure where beautifully curated designer shops live within the shop itself. This unique layout was developed by Marmol Radziner, who’s keen understand of Elyse’s style and appreciation for duality comes through seamlessly with each detail.


Upon entry you can’t help but find yourself drawn to a massive chain-mail chandelier that gracefully spills from an exposed beam ceiling. The rustic quality of the ceiling add depth to what’s below–a tufted 1960’s Harvey Probber velvet sofa framing a cozy hang out space and a pretty place to try magnificent shoes from names like Saint Laurent, Gianvito Rossi, Gucci, Givenchy, Balenciaga and a host of others. Note that all fixtures were custom made for the boutique and can be manipulated to fit in various places. So holding true to fashion’s essence of evolution, Elyse Walker does that same thing.


And while it’s easy to get lost amidst the Saint Laurent clutches and quintessential Balenciagas, it’s just as easy to get lost in the curated art collection, which boasts standout pieces from artists like Paul Rusconi, James Verbicky and graffiti-inspired pieces from Retna. The art takes up residence in unsuspecting places and works to only amplify the collections that surround it–everything from contemporary to couture, Alexander McQueen, ERDEM, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana and Juan Carlos Obando.


It’s safe to classify Elyse Walker’s Newport outpost as a sartorial fantasy as you move through different shops only to experience a completely different feel. Not far off from the main space, and industrial window wall leads the way to a denim bar, home goods haven and vacation-driven shop that’ll leave you longing for that trip to Turks. Denim sits perfectly in built-in wooden cubies, while objects and home design musts are strategically place on a marble countertop. Behind the counter, an espresso bar sits and yes, you’re welcome to rose, coffee and maybe a few Haribo gummies while you explore it all.



Move to the back and you’re met with a large black and gold disc that pours warm light into the couture salon, that’s marketed by dove grays and a sweet pink chaise. Opulence makes it’s home here and sets you up for the best part–the former bank vault which Radziner and Walker transformed into a home for fine jewelry.


The small space defines beauty with rich black carpet that’s made mysterious by contrasting gray walls, a glistening light fixture that emulates the brilliance of a raw diamond, ladylike pink velvet club chairs and a neighboring black sofa. This space transcends time with its vintage appeal, but brings to back to present-day thanks to it’s commitment to modern lines, backlighting and naturally the collection. Like candy the pieces glitter in custom built-in wall cases. Dreamy? Without a doubt. And since you’re looking at things that sparkle, you can request a glass of something that sparkles too from the old-timey bar cart.

The Elyse Waker boutique serves lavishness, but looms with familiarity. The space is exciting, it’s happy, it’s elevated, it’s inspirational, it’s setting the tone for how fashion and interiors ought to exist. But you kow what they say, you have to see it to believe it.






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