30-Year-Old Tech Billionaire Drops $21.8M on San Francisco’s Priciest Mansion


In case this year’s election hasn’t given you enough anxiety to suspect an impending apocalypse, here’s one more sign the end is nigh: A 30-year-old tech Billionaire-With-a-B just bought the priciest home in one of the country’s costliest real estate markets.

Location? San Francisco’s famed Pacific Heights – #NeighborhoodGoals to some, laughably unaffordable zip code to many. Price tag? A cool $21.8 million – practically a steal (said no one ever), compared to the original 2015 asking price of $28 million.

Photos by Vince Valdes, courtesy of Curbed San Francisco

So who exactly is the young mystery man who will inhabit the modest, 9,095 square-foot digs? Kyle Vogt, a former MIT student-turned-serial entrepreneur who, according to his LinkedIn profile, looks disappointingly nothing like the Monopoly Man, Daddy Warbucks, or Scrooge McDuck. Despite his flagrant disregard for top hots and monocles, Vogt has managed to amass a respectable fortune, earning the impossibly Bay Arean moniker, “Robot Guru,” and co-founding – not one, but count ’em – two billion-dollar companies: Cruise Automation (snatched up by General Motors), and Twitch, which he sold to a little-known online retailer known as Amazon. 

Photos by Vince Valdes, courtesy of Curbed San Francisco

Now, the good stuff: 2250 Vallejo is a seven-bedroom, seven-bath stunner built in 1902. Local architect James Francis Dunn designed and created the palatial residence for Alaska Salmon Company baron James Madison. Later on in history, San Francisco’s 31st mayor, Angelo Joseph Rossi, called the mansion home, and in 2009, it sold to Tara and Bryan Meehan of Blue Bottle (for $6.95 million, but don’t tell Vogt). 

The current version of the reconstructed residence boasts an elliptical staircase with glass banister, top floor spa amenities (with an outdoor infinity-edge plunge pool, natch), and endless other jaw-dropping perks. 

Congrats, Kyle – call us for the housewarming?

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