Servitude, Restraint, and Badass Women at Jay Jeffers — The Store in San Francisco


Creative inspiration can hit when you least expect it. 

For Meyghan Hill, a low moment in love inspired a new hands-on passion. “Sometimes when you go through a really bad break-up, you just start welding,” she says of the impetus to start (wh)ORE HAüS, her Los Angeles-based furniture and fabrication studio.

(wh)ORE HAüs Restraint table

For Amanda Wright, accompanying her kids to a ceramics class proved to be more compelling to her than them. “I started playing with the clay and was like: Oh, this is great. This is it,” she says of the craft she now practices daily from the studio in her St. Helena home, firing work from the kilns in her backyard. 

Amanda Wright pottery

Fresh collections from Hill and Wright are now being shown together at Jay Jeffers — The Store in San Francisco, and the pairing could not be more appropriate. Both women express themselves with an refined take on edgy aesthetics and accessories. “Anything that has a lock, buckle, or closure, I love,” says Wright, whose hand-thrown, hand-built pottery is so sleek and detailed that—even up close—it’s tough to tell that it wasn’t made by an machine making magic in an S&M dungeon. Servitude introduces four punk rock pendants in black and white that come complete with gold studs and spikes, or criss-crossed in harnesses to the existing set of accessories. 

Amanda Wright Riot White pendants

Amanda Wright Graffik pendants

Amanda Wright Riot Black pendants

Amanda Wright Piton pendant

Restraint had Hill incorporating leather into her heavy metals for the first time, wrapping steel, marble, and brass side and coffee tables with black belts and clasps. “I went down a rabbit hole doing research about corsetry and Shibari [the Japanese art of rope tying and bondage],” she says.

(wh)ORE HAüs Restraint side table

(wh)ORE HAüs Restraint detail

“Then I was basically doing a clothes fitting—like creating a custom dress for each piece.” An especially cheeky piece is etched with a Ouija board on the surface, and comes complete with (wh)ORE HAüS planchette. 

(wh)ORE HAüs Ouija table

Catch the collections in person at Jay Jeffers — The Store at 1035 Post Street (off Polk), or shop online

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