Woven Debuts Haptic, Their Debut Collection of Hand-Woven Rugs


A good rug can be hard to find. That’s why the experts at Woven (formerly known as Woven Accents) always have their audience in mind, helping clients feel engaged and connected to the buying process so they end up with something original, special, and truly one-of-a-kind.

This month, the brand is changing more than just their name. The team is launching a new brand called Studio Woven, creating unique pieces that integrate a variety of cultural and regional references through a range of techniques and materials. The brand’s debut series, Haptic, introduces a cohesive collection that showcases the rugs’ rich textures and designs.

We asked Sam Moradzadeh, Principal of Woven and Creative Director at Studio Woven some specifics on the new and improved brand and all its new ventures.

Sam Moradzadeh, Principal of Woven and Creative Director at Studio Woven, Christina Tullock Design Director of Woven and Ginna Christensen, the creative minds behind Studio Woven.

Why the change from Woven Accents to Woven?

We wanted the name to better reflect who we are as a brand. Our design philosophy is not about decoration for decoration sake.  It is grounded, elemental, cultured, and we feel the new name also reflects that.

Tell us about the Studio Woven series.

The name Studio Woven conveys that there is a team at work behind the scenes, as opposed to a singular brand name designer. It’s our intention with Studio Woven that our hand woven designed rugs intertwine ideas and cultures. Each rug is inspired and informed by the antique and vintage rugs that make up the majority of our collection of over 6,000 rugs. We have strived to create a series of modern classics where West Coast vitality meets Eastern tradition to create 21-century rugs that create a feeling of home, culture and comfort.

Guests admire Woven’s new line at the Haptic launch party.

Tell us a bit about the debut series, Haptic.

Haptic is of or relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception Series ‘Haptic’ introduces six rugs, Alaia, Kai, Mas, Noah, Suku and Won. The primary focus of these rugs is the play on texture and fiber, combined with modern color combinations that heighten the overall designs of the rugs. All rugs are customizable in weave, size and color.

Alaia in Ivory

Mas in Ebony

Suku in Pale

What was the most fun part of the process in developing the Studio Woven series?

Probably merging my background in antique rugs with Christina’s (Design Director of Woven) passion for modernism.

Won in Mood

Noah in Grey

The Woven team.

What are your top three tips for a first time antique rug buyer?

  1. Buy what you love.
  2. Buy what you love.
  3. Buy what you love.

Are there any major “don’ts” people should avoid when picking a rug (color, texture, etc.)?

Try to avoid ‘of the moment trends’ and concentrate on what will make you happiest in your daily life.

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