Naturepedic and Allen Construction Go Green at Au Fudge

















On November 1, eco-conscious design enthusiasts gathered at Au Fudge in West Hollywood for eye-opening presentations by Naturepedic Organic Mattress founder, Barry Cik and Allen Construction’s David McWhirter. Guests (and their clients) will certainly breathe and sleep better thanks to the sustainable design options offered by both Naturepedic and Allen Construction

Emmy Pickett, Jennifer Whitmer, Skylar Cozen

Kelly Stucker, Wendy Williams

Taryn Bone, Jen Lilienstein

Emmy Picket, Robert John Henry, Francis Mremra

Jen Lilienstein, David McWhirter, Kelly Stucker, Wendy Williams , Jennifer Whitmer

Claudia Wiehen, Nico Marques

Eduardo Gallardo, Noelle Andrews, Jane Walsh, Anna Jonsson Connell

Anna Jonsson Connell, Dominic Reis, Barry Cik, Jane Walsh

Guests, Eric Johnson

Leslie Delli-Venneri, Michele LaFlesch, Shelby Wade Fowler

Jennifer Convy, Jennifer Whitmer

Jennifer, Barry Cik, Jane Walsh

Ginna Christensen, Lynnea Schwieters, Guest

Wendy Williams , Noelle Andrews

Barry Cik of Naturepedic presenting to guests


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