Fired By The Fire: Ben Medansky At Lawson-Fenning


When we profiled ceramicist Ben Medansky in our fall issue, he never anticipated how his summer would turn out.  An Instagram post of a smoke cloud covering Los Angeles’ skyline on July 23, captioned “Shit, I hope that’s not me”, was an understated harbinger of the destruction that followed. Medansky’s studio was engulfed in flames from a nearby pallet fire. Everything that wasn’t burned was soaked with water.  

But, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, Medansky, known for his unflagging optimism, made a decision to see the silver lining hidden within the catastrophic smoke cloud. Fired By The Fire, which takes place this Saturday afternoon from noon to 4 at Lawson-Fenning’s Melrose location, features pieces excavated from the tarred and ashen ruins of his studio. Although the gradient layers of smoke, tar and soot were out of Medansky’s control, the fire’s wrath highlights the strong, clean lines of Medansky’s work. While the circumstantial show isn’t an exhibition that neither he nor anyone else planned for, it promises to be a celebration of Medansky’s future, his indomintable spirit and his always beautiful ceramics. Fired By The Fire? More like inspired by the fire.   

Fired By The Fire at Lawson Fenning, 6824 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, Saturday November 19, 1-4 pm, brunch bites will be provided by Botanica, coffee pours by Manufactory. 


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