Meet Croft House’s Newest Collection


Design loves to celebrate what’s new, what’s smart, what’s functional and ultimately what’s undeniably beautiful. Enter Croft House, a manufacturer and retailer that is all of those things as well as sustainable.


Operating since 2009, the company has recently launched a fresh collection speaking directly to the conscious minimalist aesthetic. Each piece is manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles and crafted from reclaimed wood along with repurposed materials. What’s setting Croft House’s collections apart from the rest, is the level of sophistication at which furniture maker operates employing natural materials and transforming them into modern pieces that are both authentic and durable.

The move toward custom is a growing one, as many are looking to allow their own belief of beauty to come through by way of their personal spaces. Croft House has recognized that and continues to do so, evolving with trends, however remaining committed to their mission. They’re masters of illusion too, having perfected the floating look in a way that light flows their pieces, almost illuminating them and showing off the craftsmanship.


The latest collection continues to speak to Croft Houses design approach. With functional pieces like the sculptural Sierra chair, a highly coveted statement piece marked by a sturdy steel frame and a custom down filled upholstery. Included in the line-up is the Railcar Platform bed, which seamlessly blends reclaimed Douglas Fir with industrial steel to deliver a beautifully cut and welded four piece bed that’s an ideal fit for an authentic California cool aesthetic.

With an arsenal of product all crafted in LA, Croft House boasts a stunning collection of mirrors, cabinetry, sofas, chairs, tables and more all rendered in rich sustainable materials with the intent  to transform spaces from average to astounding and wholly personal. Just add a throw.

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