Alberto Antolini On The Power Of Natural Stone And The Family Bond


Antolini is perhaps the world’s most highly regarded producer when it comes to natural stone products, and elevates its strength in terms of business thanks to being family owned and operated for decades. Based in Verona, Italy, Antolini prides itself on observing and controlling every step of the stone making process, from quarry to polishing to proudly placing their name on their products. Here, CEO Alberto Antolini shares what makes his family business so unique. 

Aside from the beautiful products, what makes Antolini so impressive is that it is a family business. How do you and your family focus on the business while also maintaining your interaction as a family?

We have clear and distinctive roles and this enables us to develop effective strategies while our familial bonds are of great help to support each other.

Antolini is recognized for your innovative treatments and offerings with natural stone. Where does your team find inspiration for the new offerings?

Our R&D (Research & Development) department focuses on markets and consumers’ needs so to anticipate their needs.

Exclusive Collection: Fusion Wow Multicolor

Your marketing campaigns and presence at the major industry events are also very innovative. Why do you think it is important to push the brand in this direction?

We want to create more demand for natural stone, and our exclusive materials in particular, and in order to achieve this goal we have to reach opinion leaders and consumers.

How do new technologies including virtual reality, mobile technology and more play a role in the future of the company’s strategy?

They play a strategic role.

Exclusive Collection: Invisible Grey Gold

Can you tell us more about the current collection and the bold marketing campaign and the inspiration behind the overall strategy?

At Antolini we love natural stone and we work with passion and devotion. We believe that natural stone is an unparalleled material created by Mother Nature and when you have the privilege to see how it originated, the emotion is even greater. Every year we launch new collections and materials. Last September, in a dedicated showroom at Antolini’s headquarters we presented the Perception Collection: you can feel natural stone come to life and move as you walk by.

What is next for Antolini?

A new revolution is under way…

Exclusive Collection: Cappuccino

Why is California an important venue for your products?

California has always been a key market for Antolini: people there love natural products, nature itself, beauty, and moreover care for quality.



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