Designer Crush: Anna Paola Snaidero of Snaidero USA


1. Tell us about Snaidero’s history – why bring Italian kitchen design to the American home?  

Snaidero founder Rino Snaidero wanted to reach the Italian community in Toronto by bringing Italian design to North American homes. From there, the company expanded into the American market and later on Dario, the founder’s son, moved the company’s headquarters to Los Angeles. 

2. What differentiates Snaidero from other showrooms?

The Snaidero USA Showroom boutiques are different because they show a variety of designs that are solely Snaidero products. The majority of other kitchen showrooms offer multi brand products. 

3. How does being a second and third generation family-run business influence the company?

I think we are bringing in our blood, passion, and the experience of the family. 

4. How do you completely unwind?

If I don’t paint, I like to walk and do yoga.

5. What’s your favorite recipe?  


6. Create your perfect playlist for us.

I have different tastes; it depends on the day. I drive with Jazz, I relax with classical music, and I paint with rock.

Lightning round!

7. Would you rather shop new or vintage?

I’d rather shop new but with natural materials.

8. First celebrity crush?

Twiggy. I loved her and I wanted to be like her, I was wearing miniskirts and white boots with heavy eye make-up.

9. What’s your hidden talent?

I paint large canvasses.

10. Best restaurant in your area? Where is it?  

In Beverly Hills we like to go to Sfixio, it’s a modern setting restaurant that offers Tuscan cuisine. I like to watch the slideshow on the wall of beautiful images that the owner, Mara, does.

11. SF or LA?

I love Los Angeles because of the weather. I don’t have to think too much how to dress and I have time to focus on other matters.

Snaidero USA’s Los Angeles showroom is located at 372 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90048. Call them at 310.657.5497.

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