The Future Is Now: The Future Perfect’s Los Angeles Space



Peruse the resource list of a San Francisco project and often, its most intriguing pieces — that eye-catching bed or couch or chair or lamp  — are from The Future Perfect. With stores in New York, where they started in 2003, and the Bay Area, it was inevitable that they’d eventually open a space in Los Angeles. 


But, when it came time to opening a store in Southern California, founder David Alhadeff, a former techpreneur, took a different approach. He sought to marry the distinct way Angelenos shop in the form of a destination activity with a phenomenon that Alhadeff noticed in New York where a modest, private showroom was generating more business than the first floor store. Rather than set up a traditional showroom, he commandeered a mid-century modern home, designed by David Hyun, on a quiet residential street a quarter-mile north of the traditional stores and the outdoor cafes of West Hollywood’s Sunset Plaza Drive.

The by-appointment-only space, which also serves as Alhadeff’s residence when he’s in Los Angeles, allows for a more intimate experience with The Future Perfect’s otherwise formidable list of furniture and accessories from the likes of Lindsey Adelman, De La Espada, Ilse Crawford and Jason Miller. In convivial groupings, a visitor is invited to touch and sprawl. Wandering through the house, each piece is a happy discovery. Lisa Eisner’s solid brass hardware, designed in collaboration with Commune, polkadots closet doors. A pair of Ted Meuhling’s delicate candlesticks contrast a stocky wood table by Piet Hein Eek. A stainless steel bench by Christopher Stuart is paired with a plump leather sofa by Arflex. Reinaldo Sanguino painted stools add a note of whimsy. The ceramic lighting over a De La Spada table is by Eric Roinestad. The vases are by Steven Haulenbeek. Seeing how well these pieces fit into a house, it’s easy to imagine them in your home. How perfect! 

Casa Perfect, by appointment only: (323) 202.2025

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