Designer Crush: Bradley Bayou


1. How has your background in fashion influenced your progression into interior design?

It taught me about balance, color, fabrics and helped me to create my own style.

2. What was your motivation for launching a ready-to-wear QVC line after leaving Halston?

Being able to bring my message to everybody.

3. You rose to fame with your couture fashion line dressing everyone from Oprah to Beyoncé — what was your most memorable experience during this time in your career?

Dressing Oprah for the Humanitarian Award for the Emmy Awards.

4. Who is your dream celebrity to dress and why? To design an interior space for?

Zoe Kravitz – she to me is the modern girl.

5. Your business is based in both Los Angeles and New York City — how do the two coasts differ in overall style and approach to design?

The light is different on each of the coasts and the colors I chose to use vary greatly from city to city. 

6. Who has been your biggest professional influence?

Axel Vervoordt; Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann; Ingrid Donat; Rick Owens.

7. If you could switch jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

I’d want to be myself at 30 and know what I know now.

8. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Buying art.

Lightning round!

9. Coffee or tea?


10 Early bird or night owl?

Early bird. 

11. Sweet or salty?


12. New or vintage?


13. Netflix or night out?



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