Easy Does It: Facile by STUDIO LIFE.STYLE


California living can easily be summed up in one word: easy. So designing a relaxation haven to foster that notion seemed right to thoughtful design duo of STUDIO LIFE.STYLE, Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl have their hand in such a project.


Situated along the bustling, but quaint and charming stretch of North Robertson sits Facile Dermatology + Boutique. The spa offers a new approach to cosmetic dermatology thanks to founder Danielle Nadick and Dr. Nancy Samolitis, who see this locale as an all-inclusive stop for achieving good skin–easy and effortless. And while the founders are beauty geniuses developing a carefully edited treatment menu featuring options including injectable to laser dermatology and a product bar that’s a beautifully curated selection of the best in skincare (Malin + Goetz or One Love Organics, anyone?), the design team gave the place it’s panache.


Shannon and Brittany took the most beloved in design trends and brought them to life. As you enter, you’re thrust into an remarkably feminine space that’s painted in the most dreamy shade of blush and peppered with brushed brass accents.

Bleached wooden floors float underfoot along with patterned rugs giving a bohemian vibe. The pair also employed a nice mix of palm fronds, abstract art and natural seating–all nodding at the laid back energy that prevails in So Cal.  

 And though the relaxed vibe is strong, it’s balanced by a luxurious lounge space that’s defined by a bold, blue velvet sofa. The fluid shape of the sofa is a perfect match for a cascade of globe lights spilling from the ceiling. The  luxe touches carry on with soft pink velvet ottomans and more metallic additions.


Continue to move through Facile to find the much-talked about Product Bar, where amidst the favored skincare offerings, which are carefully placed to tell a color story, natural elements life soft wood shelving blend with a stunning marble waterfall bar. The bar gains extra pretty points thanks to a brush brass inlay and baby pink bar stools. Chat skincare in a way that makes you feel like you’re spending time with one of your nearest and dearest friends. That’s how cozy the feels are here.


Into the treatment rooms and the spirit of ease follows. Lush leather reclining chairs look to boho blankets to enhance their comfort, palm prints grace the walls and more of those brass touches make their way onto the scene.


Simply put, Shannon and Brittany have done it again. They’ve captured a feeling through design that’s relevant and elevated, not to mention smart and effective. What they’ve done is take you off the bustling street and into an interior that’s as calm as it is beautiful and created to feel less like a medical office or more like your favorite room in the house. 

Seems this new hotspot’s design is living up to it’s namesake. Easy.


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