Designer Crush: Alison Koch


1. How did your work with Orlando Diaz-Azcuy and Waldo’s Designs influence your current work?

My 12 years with Orlando’s office really informed a huge part of my current design aesthetic. Orlando, David and Greg taught me restraint, pedigree, eclecticism and how to run a savvy design business. My time at Waldo’s taught me a lot about scale; Waldo has great sense of proportion in interiors and architecture.

2. You have to tell us: what’s it really like on the Funny or Die set, and what was the process for selecting the right decor?

Funny or Die sets are hectic, incredibly creative and hilarious. Their content is so current; from concept to filming is usually a matter of days. You base the décor from your interpretation of the script and its characters. It’s so fun to see how the actors and crew interact with surroundings you have created.

3. In what ways does Los Angeles itself influence your style and aesthetic?

Los Angeles is all about hidden gems! Whether it’s a Lautner house tucked into a secluded street or a new specialty furniture store, I find it incredibly inspiring that with a little digging, you can find all of your design needs right here in L.A.

4. Tell us a little bit about the Outfit Home retail store in Hollywood and why you chose to pursue this new venture.

I have always loved collecting furniture and accessories. When I found our current space in Hollywood that had a storefront, the retail side was a natural next step!

5. What’s your process for really getting to know each client so that you can confidently customize their space?

I ask an annoying amount of questions before we get started. We talk about aestectic, inspiration, daily habits, what the client’s hate about their current home, what they love about other people’s homes, fashion, their favorite restaurants, their dream laundry room…the list goes on. Usually the least design-oriented questions tell the most about a client’s true personal aesthetic.

6. If you had to choose one movie that’s inspired you creatively, what would it be and why?

Every detail in A Single Man is impeccable; the whole movie is so consistently moody and specific. Dr. Strangelove’s war room is inspiring and sinister as well.

7. Describe your perfect Sunday.

No phone, a late breakfast, and a good book!

Lightning round!

8. Sweet or savory?


9. Jeans and a t-shirt or LBD and heels?

L.B.D. and Converse.

10. Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

11. Red carpet premiere or Netflix night at home?


12. DIY dinner or take-out?


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