Cesar Giraldo Designs a Legendary Window for Jonas Showroom

Jonas showroom celebrated the Legends 2017 window installation by César Giraldo on Tuesday, May 10th, which César states was a celebration of triumph, honoring the past and recognizing its influencers on our present achievements.

Cesar Giraldo SOLID AS A ROCK bust print

Cesar Giraldo SOLID AS A ROCK narrative

Named precisely, Solid as a Rock, César examined the extraordinary achievements of historical figures (artists, inventors, and world leaders), finding that they all had something in common. Some may call this common thread determination, others may call it perseverance or even tenacity. César likes to call it their true colors.

Steven Jonas, Sharon Jonas, Cesar Giraldo, Robin Jonas and Chuck Jonas


The window design is a celebration of triumph, honoring the past and recognizing its influences on our present achievements. Giraldo goes to explain “In our modern metropolis, for example, we can easily see that the wheel, invented 3,500 B.C., enables us to drive our cars today. We simply cannot deny the impacts that the past has had on our present”. With this in mind, Solid as a Rock pays tribute to our creative ancestors who built bridges for our present triumphs and victories.

Mehrnoosh Sadr Cesar Giraldo Mehrnaz Sadr

César continues to be greatly influenced by the craftsmanship of the past, having a profound affinity for vintage furniture, particularly when it is intentionally positioned to be in dialogue with contemporary pieces in a  given room.

Luis Ernesto Franco, Mandi Rafaty, Cesar Giraldo, David Forero

“I have learned that without one’s true colors, our individual and collective achievements can never be fully realized,” says Giraldo. “I went inward and found myself, my true colors: solid as a rock”.

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