Interior Designer Jaimie Belew Creates a Fashion-Minded Retreat


No one gets to actually re-live the heady days just after college graduation, when the your entire career is ahead of you and all of your dreams seem destined to come true. However, through design, almost all things are possible. For the recent San Francisco Decorator Showcase, interior designer Jaimie Belew captured that special moment in time in a bedroom created for a young woman on the brink of her professional life. 

It took a lot of creativity connect the dots here. The bedroom is connected to a lower level and a deck via a short flight of stairs. Belew used the challenge as an opportunity to create what she calls “The Loggia,” a space designed to inspire creativity. To understand the concept, you have to know a bit about the fictional client. “In my mind, I pictured her as the eldest daughter who doesn’t live at home full-time anymore,” says Belew. “She has gone off to college and she’s interned at Vogue. When she comes home, she needs a place to dream, and that’s what the loggia is for. She sits there in the morning, has tea and looks outside.” 

The sleeping area is equally as dreamy, with furniture that appears to (and in some cases does) float. The bed seems to hover off the floor, due to a platform adorned with a Pop Art-like design. “While in London, I saw a Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at the Tate Modern,” Belew says. “I had been apprehensive about using a rug in this room, and a custom painted platform seemed like a much more fun concept. It also ties all the colors, patterns and textures in the room together.” The platform is created by decorative painter Linda Horning. 


Other floating objects: A custom plaster table and nightstands hang from the wall and two, lighted sculptures lean against the wall near the windows. The walls in these spaces add to the drama. Behind the bed, a living moss installation by Planted Wall creates a vibrant, living background. The accent wall behind the plaster console is a lipstick red. A similar shade accents another wall in a closet converted to an office space, and it’s joined by an Ohpopsi wall mural. In the loggia, a wall is decorated by a black, white and gray de Gournay wallpaper depicting giraffes feeding on leafy trees. 


 “The room is about fashion, art and culture,” says Belew. “To me, it feels detailed without being overdone and fresh. And, although it’s a conception room, I hope people can picture themselves there.” 



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