Dear Dad



Your Dad is the first man in your life. Chances are he’s the one who taught you how to fix things and most likely the one who taught you how to ride a bike. He’s the one you’ve always turned to for solid, loving advice. For many designers, their dad was all that and more. Their dads inspired their careers in the design industry in a many ways. Much like how we honored a few special moms at Mother’s Day, we’re honoring some noteworthy design dads for Father’s Day. Melissa Warner Rothblum talks about how her dad taught her the importance of hiding wires. While new dad, Jamie Davis of Portola Paints talks about how influential his dad has been for both him and his brother as they head their business. These dad’s inspired and helped to shaped the work that we all enjoy and admire today. It’s true what they say, a dad is someone you never outgrow a need for. 



Jamie Davis, Co-founder of Portola Paints

“My dad is pretty much the first person I go to for most things. Whether it has to do with design or business or how to fix my sink. The dude just knows A LOT. We talk about everything from music to art to love to business to footy (soccer). It is really fantastic to be such great friends with him. My brother and I have learned so many valuable lessons from our dad. We used to call him MacGyver because he always had super clever ways of fixing things around the house. One of my favorites and very useful tricks for fixing a stripped hole is to fill it with glue and break off a matchstick or two into it. This gives a screw some ‘purchase,’ as he would say. He would also tell us that ‘if you have to borrow a tool more than once, you need to buy your own. Additionally, we learned at a young age a few must-haves for every person’s home: WD40, duct tape, electrical tape, screwdriverst (flat & phillips), needle nose pliers, and a hammer.”



Melissa Warner Rothblum, Co-Founder of Massucco Warner Miller

“My dad always reminded me that it didn’t matter how pretty the room looked if there were wires everywhere! When he came to my first apartment in San Francisco, I was so excited to show him what I have done with the place.  He looked at the new furniture for a second, smiled and then went straight to the wires by the TV to get them under control. He showed me how to organize the wires, tack them, and get them out of sight, and from that point forward, I never had untamed wires again.



Sam Moradzadeh, CEO & Creative Director, Woven

 It’s an amazing and rare experience to be able to work alongside my father. He’s always been an advocate for my success and while he’s never pushy, he’s always there with advice when I need him to be. He’s hugely supportive of the work we’re doing from both a business and design standpoint and it is very easy to work with him. He’s taught me that going with your gut is usually the best way and that in business, and especially in running a small business, trust is the only thing you have that you cannot buy – it’s a solid lesson that I live by and how I approach my work. Overall, my father is the most genuine person anyone has ever met. I’ve never heard anyone say a negative thing about him. He’s liked by everyone he meets and that is something I admire more than anything.

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