Introducing The AERIN Collection


A few weeks back I had the chance to dine with Aerin on the rooftop of West Hollywood’s charming Le Petit Ermitage, on a perfect spring evening. I was ushered into a candlelight cabana where Aerin’s latest collaboration with William Sonoma, The AERIN Collection, was beautifully displayed with the woman of the hour who stood gracefully welcoming us with a smile. As she spoke about her boys, her favorite place to stay in LA and stories of her childhood, she weaved in her inspiration for the collection. 

What inspired the collection?

The collection was inspired by my personal philosophy that living beautifully should be effortless, and shaped by my passion for entertaining. The collection incorporates a ton of blue and white, which is a staple in the AERIN brand and is part of my decorating DNA.


Explain the importance of travel and how worldliness influences your designs.

Above all, I am inspired by travel and love to collect pieces from other cultures and countries and incorporate them into my collections. The AERIN by Williams Sonoma collection is largely inspired by memories traveling to Palm Beach with my family. It’s such a special place to me and I am excited to bring that aspect of my life into this new collection.


Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party, living or deceased and why?

I would love to have dinner with Picasso, Grace Kelly and Michael Kors all in one same dinner table. Grace Kelly had an impeccable sense of style, Michael Kors has the best sense of humor and Picasso was the greatest creative talent.


What story do you want this collection to tell?

This collection offers a large variety of pieces that speak to my heritage, passion for entertaining and love for home décor. The collaboration and design process has been a special experience since day one and I hope the customer loves the collection as much as I do.


What was the best part/most satisfying aspect about designing this collection?

Collaborating with another like-minded brand is always a great learning experience and gives you incredible exposure. Williams Sonoma is the best at what they do and it is an incredible honor partnering with them on this collaboration.


What’s your favorite summer meal?

My ideal summer menu consists of salad, seafood paella and Whispering Angel. Fresh and delicious – perfect for backyard dining.


What’s the best thing about summer?

I love a morning walk on the beach near my family home in the Hamptons. I grew up spending my summers on those beaches and now it’s so special to watch my boys experiencing so many of the same things that I did.


Dining al fresco or in a decked-out dining space?

I prefer dining al fresco. In the summer I love sitting in the garden at Sant Ambroeus in Southampton for dinner. My favorite order is spaghetti vongole with a glass of rose.


Can you share your top 5 pieces from the collection and why?

  • The Confetti Double Old-Fashioned Glasses are my favorite piece of the collection because they add an element of surprise to the table.

  • I love the Scalloped Rim Dinner Plates in white. They are feminine but can be styled in multiple ways throughout the year from season to season.

  • I love that the White Link Pitcher is multi-functional. You can use it as a traditional pitcher or as an unexpected flower vase.

  • I always love to give gifts that are personal and bring back a memory. The Gold Scalloped Frame is perfect to gift with a personal picture for someone special.

  • The handpainted Spanish cachepot adds color to any space. I have the large cachepots in my pool house in Palm Beach.  


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