Jordana Brewster & Teryl Ciarlo Host Brentwood Garden Soiree


There are dozens of ways to celebrate the early days of summer. But earlier this month, actress, Jordana Brewster and Los Angeles Landscape Designer, Teryl Ciarlo, hosted a backyard garden party at Jordana’s Brentwood home, to show everyone how it’s done.



Situated along a winding canyon, guests walked up to the home’s entry to behold bold pink roses climbing along an outdoor entry gate and stepped onto the property to behind a beautiful home and a dirt pathway leading to the backyard space. The journey from entry to party was marked by a host of blue enchantress hydrangeas lining the path, a ficus privacy hedge and overhead, age-old trees offer up shade and ficus globes hang from their branches.


Jordana, dressed in a cool, eyelet mini dress and Teryl donning a bold banana leaf print top made their way around greeting guests and talking about the vision of the backyard space. Jordana and her husband, purchased that house that only nothing more than a dirt lot for a backyard. But once they met Teryl that changed. Her cool and collected vibes, her garden expertise and her ability create just what they wanted–a clean, open and airy space for the children in tandem with a healthy garden–proved to be a perfect match.


As the guest sipped organic garden-inspired cocktails from Sonoma-based Jardesca, Teryl spoke at length about the appeal and the importance of having a garden–no matter how large or small your outdoor space. She shared how important it is to create memories with children in your garden space and offered tips, but she also shared helpful information on soil and space, while Jordana shared bits about her involvement with The Non-GMO Project and how much she values using ingredients from her home garden so she knows just what’s in her family’s meals.


The two, whose energy was warm and charming, laughed and made guests feel right at home in the expansive space. Teryl showed off the beauty of the garden, speaking to the citrus trees and their wealth of fruit as well as the veggies, which were housed in raised vegetable boxes. Jordana and Teryl boasted delicious looking artichokes, kale, bell peppers galore, mint, nasturtiums (which Jordana’s older son is very intrigued by), basil, heirloom tomatoes, lavender, rosemary and more.


Beyond the garden, Teryl outfitted the space with a bluestone walkway, leading from the patio to the pool and lanterns for a poolside, nighttime glow.


All in all, the pair hosted a magical afternoon, where the focus was on the beauty of nature and how a bit of design and thoughtfulness can influence and ultimately enhance the appeal of an outdoor space.


And guests departed with their own opportunity to start a garden of their own–aptly sized herb and veggie baskets made by Teryl herself.  


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