Closet Creative


Founder of LA Closet Design, Lisa Adams has revolutionized the way many use their closets. After completing a degree in chemistry and an MBA, she began work as an interior designer and she noticed one space in the home that was often forgotten: the closet. Now with more than 10 years designing luxury closets, Adams shares how closets are customized not just for style, but also for personality. 


The meditator needs their senses catered to in an ultimate sanctuary space. Flooded with natural light, fresh flowers, or a favorite scent, the closet is a space where they find serenity. They like to have everything compartmentalized into a logical place so the mind can be free and calm. 



The extrovert injects their personality in the closet, showing off colorful clothing and letting the space set the stage for red-carpet looks. They crave visual stimulation and need everything out and at arm’s length to assemble an outfit and streamline the prep. Their closet is open to the bath room and vanity so everything is convenient and accessible for their on-the-go personality. 



The introvert uses the closet as a retreat where everything is in its place. They are thinkers rather than feelers, and already know the pieces needed to assemble the perfect look. They don’t need to see everything in their wardrobe to get dressed, as they prefer the piece of mind of having it all tucked away behind closed doors. 



The editor always has a method to their madness. Their pieces need to be out and ready to go, but only if they make the cut. They merchandise their closet so they can revel in the ultimate in-home shopping experience. They don’t always need to see and feel every piece while getting ready, but often prefer the dramatic impact of a floor-to-ceiling shoe display. They know what they like and use the closet to show it off. 


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