Designer Crush: Molie Malone

1. How do you think growing up in the Napa Valley influence your approach to design?
Growing up the Napa Valley taught me the importance of simplistic and clean beauty. During the summer months, the valley is infused with a particular kind of light and subtle but delightful scents that have stayed with me. I am always trying to re-create that sensory experience for myself and for my clients.  
2. What inspired you to evolve your antique business into your own design studio?
I really didn’t mean to! A few customers asked for my help in their homes and it just blossomed from there. After my first few small projects, I realized how much I loved designing interiors and decided to make it a full time career.
3. What’s your process for getting to know a client?
Working in someone’s home is a privilege. Our private spaces are just that, private and a strong designer/client connection is deeply important to me. I like to use the first meetings to ask some key questions, but mainly to listen. More often than not, clients will tell me the important parts of their story in those initial meetings and from there I start to get a clear picture of what they’re really looking for and how we can help them.  
4. What does “livable luxury” mean to you?
For me, livable luxury means creating spaces that are intentional, thoughtful but not  “over done.” A few dramatic surprises paired with inviting surfaces that stand the test of time are what I love best….and kids, pets and spilled wine are all part of that livability factor!
5. You balance classicism and modern design in your San Francisco Decorator Showcase project. How and why?
The house is so historically and architecturally important, I wanted to hold onto some of those traditional elements while breathing in a bit of modernity. The paper is a modern play on an ancient theme, the light fixtures have very traditional lines with a very modern lucite as the main material, the vanities themselves are traditional in design with modern fittings (knobs, black sinks, etc). The gorgeous Cambria Quartz slabs in the shower and bath surround provide an another excellent balance between classic and modern design. 
6. The room is long and narrow; what are the dimensions and what were the challenges that come with them?
It is a long narrow room, (8’7″ w x 17’4″). By using many reflective surfaces — the ceiling, the shiny floor, and all-glass shower — and having different movement on opposing walls, it feels comfortable and roomier than it actually is. Additionally, by mounting our drapery to our very tall ceilings, the eye travels all the way up contributing to an increased sense of roominess as well. 
7. Can you tell us about the vanities?
The room’s name is from our ability to fit in two separate vanities. The vanity’s name is Jacquard from Kohler and the black sinks, are Caxton also from Kohler.  We paired them with White Cliff countertops Cambria’s Desert Collection for a clean aesthetic. 
Lightning round!
Coffee or tea?
Hike or bike?
Fiction or nonfiction?
Real news or reality TV?
Real news…reality TV is actually banned in my house!

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