Fall 2017 Color Trends by Consort



Just because California Fall arrives a little later, that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about how to transition into the season by way of design. Who better than Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, the unquestionably savvy duo behind, LA-based design firm and boutique, Consort. We’ve asked the pair to tell us what to anticipate and what moves to make to create a Fall 2017 space, that’s as much on-trend as it is livable. Besides preaching the gospel of cozy being king, Mat and Brandon share the lowdown on why navy is the new neutral, what to consider the next millennial pink and why it’s time to trade in banana leaves for jewels. Oh and they wax poetic on having it all–the Consort way. 
What colors do you feel  are driving the season from an industry perspective, and why? We’re seeing a mix of playful pops and regal classics. Think: oxblood, mint, navy, and mustard. The darker hues are the sophisticated, cooler-weather relatives of the millennial pink, banana leaf green, and lemon yellow that have dominated the summer.
We’re seeing a lot of Navy show up on your Instagram feed, can you speak to that? What are some of your favorite navy picks that are in the store right now? Navy is a perennial favorite of ours, due to its ability to function as a more dynamic neutral. We’ve recently released a new upholstery line, and are gaga for how our loungy Penelope Sofa and curvy Greyson Chair look in the classic hue.
Why black, white and blush? What about it is speaking to your design approach right now? Also, what are some must have items in the theme? Black and white will never go out of style, and the addition of blush adds a spark of warmth and femininity to the high-contrast duo. This warmth is always welcome as we head into the cooler months and we begin to layer on more luxe colors and textures. The  Jeffrey Cutaiar’s “Pink Pop 2016” is definitely a must-have. 
What are some of the trends that you’re leaning into for Fall? We’re loving layered, eclectic, modern minimalism for fall. It’s all about the juxtaposition of clean lines with gathered, eccentric accessories and textiles.
A trend you’re ready to see go away? We’re ready to bid adieu to bright and playful summer accessories. For fall, we’re in favor of textured jewel tones in pillows and accessories.
Talk textures, what should we be looking to? In the transition to fall, it’s all about comfort. Plush sofas, high pile rugs, and similarly textural pieces promote relaxation, hibernation, and the notion of hygge.
How would you describe the Consort aesthetic? The Consort aesthetic is a mix of cutting-edge statements and classic design. We love to incorporate both vintage pieces and modern style into the spaces that we design—why limit yourself to one style when you can have it all?!
If you had to sum up the season in three words, what would you say? Luxe, layered, and laid-back.

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