Top 10: Kitchen Trends


As you transition from summer to fall and prepare to spend the next two seasons firmly planted in your kitchen (#PumpkinSpiceEverything), consider sprucing up your surroundings to create a cooking space that’s inspiring and on trend. Here are 10 current ways you can get your kitchen up-to-date:

1. Black Matte Faucets

Image via Coco Kelley.

2. Bright Hardware

Image via Case Design.

3. Hues of Blue 

Image via Elle Decor.

4. Bold Tiles 

Image via Pinterest.

5. All Stone Islands


Image via Pinterest.

6. Lower Cabinets Only 

Image via Architectural Digest

7. Hidden Appliances 

Image via Architectural Digest.

8. Chic Banquets

Image via Architectural Digest

9. Outdoor Kitchens

Image via Kitchen Studio of Naples, Inc.

10. Jewel Tones

Image via

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