Designer Crush: Ashley Drost of Meadow at Dusk

1. You started Meadow at Dusk as a home goods shop from your own collection of vintage textiles and your mom’s old sewing machine — where did that love of repurposing antique goods come from and how did it evolve into interior styling?
I’ve been drawn to handmade fabrics and vintage textiles since I was a kid. Turkish rugs, Mexican blankets, Indonesian Ikats… every time I traveled I would buy so many I’d need an extra suitcase just to get them home. I acquired a huge collection so I taught myself how to sew and started turning them into pillows. Before I knew it I had a side business. It’s fun to incorporate my love of textiles into my interior design and styling projects.
2. How has Los Angeles influenced your style and how does the city’s vibe inform your design choices?
My love for California design style is one of the reasons I moved to L.A. It’s laid back yet elegant. It has a casual, breezy indoor/outdoor vibe while still being refined. That’s one thing I aim for in every space I design. Casual and high-end at the same time.
3. You designed the home of Panic! At the Disco rock star Brendon Urie and his wife Sarah. How did you create a space that authentically represented Brendon and Sarah’s different styles and accommodated both their tastes?
Sarah was really involved in the design process while Brendon was on tour, and she wanted to make sure he had a comfortable yet stylish place to unwind during his downtime. Sarah and Brendon love the color black so we focused on a neutral palette of black white and grey with a few pops of color. We also incorporated a lot of the couple’s art collection and some of Brendon’s band memorabilia to personalize the space.
4. Brendon and Sarah have two dogs (and so do you!) — what’s the secret for creating a highly-styled space that looks clean and elegant, even when pups are running amok?
Dog hair is a constant problem around my house! When designing for clients with pets, I try to stay away from fabrics like velvet or chenille (they’re magnets for pet hair) or delicate fabrics that can be easily snagged. Perennials is one of my favorite pet-friendly fabric lines for upholstery. I also suggest low pile rugs and a really good vacuum cleaner.
5. What were the biggest challenges in designing their home?
We loved the mid-century bones of the house and wanted to highlight them as much as possible. Almost every room in the house needed a complete overhaul (including the exterior) so the most challenging part of the process was bringing back all the architectural details that had been covered up or changed throughout the years. We really took advantage of those slope ceilings and clearstory windows.
6. Tell us about your recent partnership with Marie Trohman.
Marie and I met through Brendon and Sarah (Marie is married to Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy), and we quickly realized we are not only in the same business, but we also have very similar design styles. It felt natural for us to team up. We currently have several interior design projects in the works, including residences throughout LA and an office space in El Segundo.
7. What’s your process for getting to know your clients and truly understanding their design goals?
So much of my job is about how people live, so I ask a lot of questions, and I do a lot of listening. I love it when rooms really reflect the people who live there, so I think it’s really important to get to know my clients as much as possible. Pinterest is also really helpful. People sometimes can’t describe what they like, but seeing images instantly gives me a sense of their style.
8. If you could design the set for any movie (or play), which would it be and why?
I’d love to design a set for a Wes Anderson movie. His films are always so quirky and weird and colorful. I’d also love to work on a James Bond movie. I could really have fun designing a sleek bachelor pad for a sexy European spy.
9. Which musical albums or artists have influenced you most in your life and why?
Sam Cooke. His music is timeless and his voice gets me every time.
10. Which design trends are you ready to never see again? Which are you most excited about?
I enjoyed the Edison bulb trend for awhile, but I think it’s really overdone. I also hope to never see mirrored furniture again. I love the brass trend (in moderation) and hope that sticks around for a long time.
Lightning round!
11. Ice cream or fro yo?
Fro yo — Pinkberry tart always. 
12. Stripes or solids?
13. Jimmy Choos or Chuck Taylors?
Chucks, if I’m honest.
14. *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
I have to say NSYNC because JT for life!
15. Coffee or tea?
16. Britney or Beyonce?
Queen Bey.

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