DECASO x Vanessa Traina


If DECASO puts their stamp on it, you’ll want it in your life. The renowned name, which has become the premiere online destination for designers, tastemakers and the like has partnered with creative powerhouse behind Assembled Brands and The Line and undoubtedly stylish, Vanessa Traina to launch DECASO x Vanessa Traina.


The much talked about and highly anticipated pop-up launch event kicks off on October 5th at The Apartment by The Line on Melrose. Showing off many of the unique pieces DECASO is known for, the curated happening is slated to be an intoxicating mix of vintage decor, modernist antique pieces and decorative objects all around. These pieces will be sold exclusively The Apartment by The Line and stand to up the cool factor of any space.


From the smallest–like a Bohemian Glass Pink Perfume Bottle and a pair of rare Japanese vases to a 20th Century French Colonial Rosewood Sidebar, you’ll behold some of the most decadent finds around, not mention these are one-of-a-kind finds, so you’ll be hard pressed to find them in your sister or your aunt’s place. All set in the wildly inspiring The Apartment by The Line, which sits on the tree-lined Melrose Place flooded by natural light, the space makes you feel like you’re in the midst of hippest home in L.A. and with its impeccable styling and decor allows each piece in the edited collection to assume a greater meaning, richer context and more dimension. And that’s what design is all about–taking it all to the next level and achieving a whole new depth. DECASO x Vanessa Traina, nails it.




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