Designer Crush: Amber Lewis


1. Walk us through the process of turning your blog on first-time home ownership into a successful design and build firm — how did that happen?

My husband and I were creative and completely hands on with our first home. I would do a bunch of DIY projects and “Ikea Hacks” and blog all about them. Of course, I had thought no one out there was reading my blog but to my surprise they were. I started getting some client inquiries, and building a little instagram community. I was working at my dining room table in 2012 and 2013, and then in October 2014 I became a company, and started to hire multiple employees, and carry an average of 10-20 projects at a time. Its been a trip, but I love every day!

2. You have nearly half a million Instagram followers! How did you build such a huge following and how has social media played a part in your success?

To be honest, I had no actual plan on Instagram. I was just transparent and posted all my inspiration and design projects for others to see. What you see is what you get, I’m not afraid to joke around or talk about my problems and I think that stands out to people – they can relate on a personal level. There are no smoke and mirrors, it’s all just real. 

3. How did growing up in Malibu influence your design aesthetic?

That kind of laid-back Californian vibe is very much an inspiration for my designs. You want your space to be comfortable but put together — It’s never something that you can recreate by opening your favorite big-box catalog. I really strive to find unique pieces that speak to my clients and connect with the other pieces in the room. So back to the question, yes I guess Malibu was all about the laid back kinda beachy lifestyle I live by.

4. What does “bohemian elegance” mean to you?

Oh man…bohemian elegance is a mouthful! I guess it’s taking the room no-one goes in, and making it the room everyone goes in, but still feels polished and pulled together.  

5. Who is your dream celebrity client and what would kind of dream home would you love to create for them?

Jennifer Lawrence — because I’d like to think we’d be best friends. In fact, I know we would be. She’s so rad – I’d design the house of her dreams anywhere. LA, New York, London….Missouri? I’ll go anywhere for J-Law. 

6. Tell us about your first book, The California Eclectic.

You know, I’ve been in talks about this book for the last year and I swear it’s coming in 2018. I’ve just have such amazing projects as of late – I have to include them! 

7. And what about your partnership with Fossil? How did that come about and what can fans look forward to?

I’ve admired Fossil over the years and love what their brand does. They came to me and asked me to design a watch and I couldn’t pass it viagra pas cher up. I had freedom to really do whatever I wanted, which was so much fun! I’m used to designing rooms but have never designed a watch – knowing that people will be wearing my watch to stay on track with their day, really just makes my day! 

8. Where do you get your inspiration?

I get so much inspo from nature and the environment and have always been obsessed with vintage everything. I love old Rolex’s and actually was looking through some archives when I stumbled on a perfectly weathered and worn old Rolex. I wanted to create something timeless, and that would look and feel very quality. 

9. Which movie do you wish you could have designed the set for?

I would LOVE to design a set for anything David Lynch creates. His mind works in ways I can only dream of understanding. I would be a sponge around that guy. 

10. Describe your perfect Sunday.

A quiet day at home with my family and fur babies. Everything on the “to-do” list is checked off and I’m able to turn off my brain – maybe even read a book!

Lightning round!

11. Reese’s Pieces or Sour Patch Kids? 

Sour Patch Kids.

12. Jimmy Choos or Chuck Taylors? 

Chuck Taylors.

13. Early bird or night owl? 

Early Bird.

14. Solids or stripes? 


15. Dancing queen or wallflower? 

Dancing Queen. 

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